Compact IDC-Machine for RAST Connectors

Developed as a compact semi-automatic machine for small to medium volumes, the EL-SIM25 machine is designed for spec-compliant processing of insulation displacement contact (IDC) RAST connectors. The base EL-SIM25 machine is equipped for terminating AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Mark II connectors and can be easily modified with a conversion kit to support AMP DUOPLUG power connectors. Operation of the EL-SIM25 machine requires limited manual operator involvement, as most termination steps can be custom automated from a user-friendly color touch screen. With a cycle time of 1.3 s/wire, the EL-SIM25 machine can complete up to 5 million terminations per year.


  • Compact stand-alone machine for single wire insulation displacement connector (IDC) termination.
  • Easy-to-use color touch screen interface.
  • Newly designed process control software.
  • Production capacity of up to 5 million terminations per year.
  • CE certification.

Available Options

  • AMP DUOPLUG power connector conversion kit

Applicable Connectors

  • AMP DUOPLUG 2.5 Mark II connectors
  • AMP DUOPLUG power connectors
  1. Operation and Features of the EL-SIM25

See the EL-SIM25 machine in action completing IDC wire terminations using AMP DUOPLUG connectors