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This product is not currently available. For more information, including distributor inventory, please contact us.



  • IntraSense sensor die measures 750μm × 220μm × 75μm
  • Accurate pressure sensing anywhere in the anatomy
  • Uses resistive MEMS technology and encapsulated wire/pad junctions for easy integration
  • Optional light shield to reduce light sensitivity
  • Designed to be used without additional gel
  • High part-to-part and IoT-to-IoT repeatability
  • TE provides the sensor with the cable pre-attached


Minimally Invasive Equipment
  • Diagnostic catheter
  • Therapeutic catheter
  • Disposable scopes
  • Biopsy needles
  • Ablation equipment


  1. IntraSense Invasive Pressure Sensor Overview (English)

TE Connectivity’s IntraSense is one of the most miniature pressure sensors in the market and simplifies pressure monitoring directly in the anatomy, enabling more controlled procedures and better clinical data.



Q: How do we mount the sensor?

A: We have an Application Note with some helpful tips, or if you prefer, we can engage with TE Medical to potentially build a complete solution.


Q: What sterilization methods can be used with Intrasense?

A: Intrasense can be sterilized with ETO gas.  Other methods are being investigated.


Q: Can Intrasense be resterilized and reused?  

A: No, Intrasense is a single-use product.


Q: Can we just buy the sensor and not the cable assembly?  

A: No, because we cannot test parts until the cable has been attached.


Q: Can we buy this with a small connector on the proximal end?

A: We do not have a connector for Intrasense available at this time.


Please review product documents or contact us for the latest agency approval information.  

Product Type Features

Electrical Characteristics

  • Supply Voltage Range (V) 2.4


  • French Catheter Scale  1

  • Wire Length (cm) 60, 100, 180

  • Sensor Size (mm) .75 x .22 x .08

Usage Conditions


  • Proof Pressure Range  -400 to 4000 mmHg

  • Light Sensitivity (mmHG) 10, 25

  • Pressure Sensitivity  5 uV/V/mmHg, 5.5 uV/V/mmHg

  • Operating Product Life (Hr) 24

  • Pressure Range (bar) .61 – 1.68

Industry Standards

  • Calibration Version  Uncalibrated

Reference Number

  • TE Internal Number CAT-BLPS0079

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