horticultural lighting


Supporting the growing need for horticultural lighting

Horticultural farming has one of the biggest growth potentials for LED lighting. We can help you grow your business through our capabilities in connectors, relays and filters.

The farming method of the future

As the earth's population is rising, more land is needed to grow enough food to feed them. With most of the earth's land already in use, however, other solutions are required. Indoor farming, in the form of greenhouse or vertical farms, is a potential solution. Horticultural lighting is revolutionizing the future of farming enabling farmers to sustainably grow vegetables and fruit all year-round. It makes it possible to grow faster, using less land, less water, less fertilizers and zero pesticides.

Horticultural lighting requires fixtures be easy to install and compatible with a wide range of wiring techniques that an installer may use in an equally wide range of end applications. Installations require a range of connectors to handle the low current/low voltage DC power to the light engines, low power control circuits, as well as the higher power AC connection to the drivers.


Commercial applications can span tens of thousands of square feet and installation of lighting fixtures is a major expense. These large installations depend on easy to use, reliable, harsh environment interconnects to minimize installation time and ensure when the switch is flipped, the lights come on, every time. 


No modern horticultural lighting installation would be complete without a control system. TE’s relays, filters and interconnects help controls provide the right amount and type of lighting to plants to keep them healthy.


TE is here to help you with your horticultural lighting and controls applications. We understand that when the end customer’s plants are happy, everyone in the supply chain is happy.


TE's portfolio of fixture connects helps to meet regulatory standards  across the globe, allows for product intrograion into new or existing LED fixtures, and solves for troublesome emissions that can be found in LED fixtures.


Our interconnect solutions help integrate light engines into todays' modern horticultural lighting systems. We offer low-profile interconnects, in surface mount and through-hole board mount configurations as well as panel mount and free hanging wire to wire versions that are designed to enable faster and more efficient connections.


TE's fixture connect solutions are engineered to improve TE offers a broad selection of user-friendly interconnects designs to reliable connect your driver with wire-to-wore or wire-to-board options. Our interconnects deliver design flexibility and easy of use.


TE's fixture connect solutions are engineered to improve manufacturability  and reduce installation times. If you're looking for low-profile, easy to install receptacles, terminations, power line filters or more, see the below and connect with us today.