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Enabling Healthy, Enjoyable Lifestyles

Today, people worldwide are using a multitude of connected devices to live more safely and comfortably, with more convenience and efficiency. At the center of this evolution is hyper-connectivity for always-on, internet-enabled technology engineered to collect and transmit high-speed data, high-current power, and high-clarity signal.


This helps people make informed decisions: Families can efficiently manage their homes. Travelers can more effectively navigate their journeys. Students can expand their understanding of – and impact on – the world. And physicians can gain unprecedented insight into patient health, enabling them to perform transformative medical therapies that advance healthcare and save lives. 


At TE, we work closely with innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs to help them bring new ideas to market faster. Together, we are solving very specific application requirements and building transformative technology that enables people to enjoy active and connected lifestyles.

  1. TE Solutions for Smart Home Technology

Learn about the TE solutions enabling seamless connectivity throughout the home, giving people more options for easily managing connected communications, appliances, lighting, HVAC, security, and more.

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Featured Report:

Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring

Transforming Healthcare: New Devices, New Technologies, Better Results
Remote patient monitoring is having its day, and there is no let up in sight on this evolving trend. It could fundamentally improve patient outcomes and quality of care across the medical field. This includes onsite in hospitals and clinics, for at-home care, and for remote care in less populated areas of the country and in developing countries.

Read our report to see how these solutions are changing healthcare technology.



TE products are crucial in making reliable connections that optimize and integrate the technology helping people enjoy healthy, active lifestyles.

Medical monitoring technology.

Advanced connectivity solutions are enabling physicians to gain unprecedented insight into patient health. At TE, we partner with customers to create technology that advances healthcare and saves lives.