Pilot Manufacturing

Pilot Manufacturing

At TE we offer a full service from concept design through to pilot manufacturing. With expertise in design for manufacturing and a global network, TE are partner of choice for creating your next generation medical device.

TE Connectivity provides specialist manufacturing support during the development stage of the product lifecycle, from concept prototypes to full product builds for pre-clinical and clinical requirements.

Pilot manufacturing is supported through our global network of prototype centres and design for manufacture expertise.

Recognizing that time to market is central to your success, we operate prototype centers at various manufacturing facilities. These centres feature dedicated facilities and equipment to deliver prototype quantities of your product components & sub-assemblies on time and to your specification.

When you make contact with our prototype centre through your local representative, an experienced engineering team is assigned to your request. This team supports each stage of your project to completion, offering design advice and access to alternative technical solutions to optimize your overall medical device and minimize cost.

Decisions made during the product design phase determine 70-80% of a product’s cost while decisions made during production account for about 20% of product cost. After design freeze, changes to the product design are difficult and expensive. That is why appropriate investment and consideration of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) early in the product development cycle provides a range of benefits such as lower unit costs, higher quality product, reliable manufacturing processes, better adherence to regulatory requirements and accelerated time to market. DFM principles are integrated into all stages of the TE Connectivity product design, development and pilot manufacturing processes.