Electrical Installation Training

Increase network reliability and lower cost of ownership with hands-on electrical installation training.

Our Training for Electrical Installers

Correct installation is a key factor that determines long-term product performance and grid reliability. Network outages are a costly disruption, and they most often occur when a product has been installed incorrectly. This can be prevented with the proper electrical installation training. Hundreds of utilities, network owner operators, and contractors partner with TE to improve installed product performance. Each year, we train over 2,500 electrical installers to maximize operational life and minimize maintenance costs through proper installation methods.


failures of medium voltage cable accessories caused by installation errors


average replacement cost of a single medium voltage joint


installers trained globally every year by TE

Customized Electrical Installation Training

Give your installers access to decades of expertise with programs that combine high quality course content with practical, in-field applications. Whether online or in person, our experts can create a training program tailored to your company or project needs.

  • Comprehensive product and cable jointing training:

  Low, medium and high voltage cable accessories installation training, wildlife and animal 


  • Customized electrical training programs for different industrial applications:

  Underground, Overhead, Substation, OEM, Renewable Energy, Wildlife & Asset Protection,

  Nuclear Power, Mining, Rail, Shipbuilding & Offshore

Global Training Offering

We offer training when and where you need it, providing flexible installation training and customized services designed to work for you.  


With over 50 trainers around the world, we conduct installer training and assessment: 


At your facility

  • Real-time failure investigation in the field
  • Cost-effective refresher courses
  • Training and assessment in familiar environments


At distributor locations

  • Customized training events
  • Dedicated training capabilities through selected training partners