Splicing Cable Wire, Simplified

From repairs to cable termination, simplify the process with SolderShield cable splicing devices designed for a wide range of cable types including screened, jacketed, coaxial, databus, and thermocouple cables. SolderShield devices can be used to terminate single or multiple conductor cables, using our SAE AS81824 qualified MiniSeal crimps to splice the conductors, and a 360° solder-impregnated, pre-fluxed metallic braid to give EMI and shield continuity that is equal to or better than the original cable.

C-Wrap Side Entry Repair Sleeve

TE Connectivity's C-Wrap side repair sleeve consists of two pieces; the outer tubing and an adhesive inner layer. It is a side-entry sleeve designed to repair and seal a damaged wire jacket that is either chafed or has a radial crack or cut on the insulation.



  • Used as a side-entry repair kit
  • Repair of nicks, chafed and radial caracks 
  • Help prevents galvanic corrosion on center conductor


Standards and Specifications

  • Meets fluid and sealing requirements: SAE AS81824
  • Product Specification: TE D-6201
  • Installation Procedure: RPIP-1101

SolderShield Shielded and Coaxial Cable Splices

Used for splicing a wide range of cables, including coaxial and multiconductor cables.
SolderShield devices can be used to repair or splice shielded or coaxial cables. These products consist of a MiniSeal crimp splice plus a flux-coated, solder-impregnated copper shield encased in a heat-shrinkable sealing sleeve, for splicing the shields. SolderShield kits terminate single- or multiple-conductor cables, eliminate EMI problems at the splice, and provide strain relief for the cable.


Operating Temperature

Series D-150 - 150oC rated
Series D-200 - 200oC rated


Standards and Specifications

  • Military - US: M81824 (Conductor splice only) UK: RAF AP 1130-2008-1
  • Product Specification: TE RT-1404