High temperature sealing sleeves

Sealing Sleeves provide water-proofing and mechanical protection against wear and chafing by adding a tough layer of heat-shrinkable tubing. TE's Raychem sealing and repair sleeves help extend service life and add protection against moisture, corrosion and mechanical abuse of cables and assemblies that are subjected to rugged use especially in high temperature applications.

RayOLOn Sleeves

Roll-On Sealing Sleeves

RayOLOn sleeves help protect components such as connectors and splices from salt spray and moisture. They easily roll over the components. If reentry is needed, they can be rolled back and then back into position.
Without the need for heat, installation is fast and easy anywhere and reusability helps eliminate the need for replacement spares.


Temperature Ratings  
Continuous Operating -40°C to 70°C
Short-Term Exposure -63°C to 90°C
Minimum Installation -25°C
Kit Type Components
General Kit (GK) Gel strip, cable tie and core tube
Connector Sealing Kit (CK) Cable tie, connector flange cover and gel strip
Ship or Shore Power Cable Kit (SS) Woven heat shield



Temperature Ratings  
Continuous Operating -40°C to 70°C
Short-Term Exposure -60°C to 90°C
Minimum Installation -25°C

C-Wrap Side Entry Repair Sleeve

C-Wrap side repair sleeve consists of two pieces; the outer tubing and the adhesive inner layer.  It is a side-entry sleeve designed to repair and seal a damaged wire jacket that is either chafed or has a radial crack or cut on the insulation. 

Operating Temperature: 

-65oC to 150oC

Part Description Color Code AWG Min AWG Max
D-150-C-11 Green 26 24
D-150-C-12 Red 22 20
D-150-C-13 Blue 18 16
D-150-C-14 Yellow 14 12


  • Repair rather than replace
  • Gain original equipment performance 


  • Heat-shrinkable
  • Range taking versatile sizes
  • Several temperatures to choose from
  • Compatible with PTFE and TFE cables
  • No oven curing equipment needed
  • Labor saving preinstall sealing sleeves
  • Thin, tough and lightweight with robust fluid resistance
  • Sealing material is pre-installed in high temperature heat shrink sleeve


  • Engine cable repairs 
  • Power cable repairs 
  • Fluid resistance coating 
  • Aerospace
  • Ground vehicles
  • Commercial aviation
  • High temperature circuit lug and splice covers


RayOLOn Sleeves
  • Navel
  • Ship building
  • Marine docks
  • Offshore


C-Wrap Side Entry Repair Sleeve
  • Side-entry repair kit
  • Repair of nicks, chafed and radial cracks on the wire in most Aerospace, Defense and Marine applications
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion on center conductor