Protect from electro-magnetic radiation

The tin-coated, copper lining of Rayaten shielded boots shrink to conform to cables and backshells. They provide a simple and easy seal against high-level EMI and RFI interference. The Rayaten range of molded parts includes boots and transitions that provide outstanding EMI shielding across a wide frequency range, with a performance that matches optimized braided systems and shielded connections. The shield is a continuous metal lining which conforms to the heat-shrinkable shape upon recovery.

Product Features:

EMI Shielded Boots
  • Tin-coated 
  • Heat-shrinkable
  • EMI protection to 80dB
  • EMI and RFI protection
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Sealing protection 


KTKK cable assembly


Conductive adhesive


Material code used in the Rayaten System

Rayaten Molded parts are shielded, heat-shrinkable parts providing shielding levels better than 80dB at 100 MHz.
John Kuster,
Sr. Product Manager, Harnessing Components

Rayaten System

The Rayaten System is a range of boots and transitions providing outstanding shielding against electro-magnetic radiation across a very wide frequency range.  The shield is a continuous metal lining on the inside of the part which conforms with the heat-shrinkable shape upon recovery.  Performance matches optimized braided systems and shielded connectors and combined with conductive adhesives provides a total shielding system.  


Material Code Material Description Operating Temperature
-3S Semi-Rigid Screened Polyolefin -55oC to 135o
-25S Fluid-Resistant Screened Elastomer -55oC to 150oC
-100S Low-Fire Hazard Screened Material -30oC to 105o

Electrically Conductive Adhesive (Not Available in US)


S1184 is a highly conductive silver-loaded adhesive that have been developed to terminate the Rayaten shielded molded parts.  The adhesive's excellent conductivity enables the very high shielding levels of Raychem's Rayaten parts to be combined with multicore cables, braided cables and adapters to form efficient, totally shielded harnessing systems.  

S1184 is a two-part epoxy adhesive designed to make terminations that can withstand high temperatures and aggressive solvents and fuels.  Supplied in two syringes, the A and B compounds are dispensed in equivalent amounts and mixed before use.  Pot life after mixing is approximately one hour.  S1184 will cure effectively at room temperature. 

Rayaten Screened Assemby


KTKK cable assemblies are one-part assemblies for screened and unscreened cables. Constructed from heat-shrinkable screened molded parts and connector adapters, the assembly consists of parts already well proven in harsh military environments.  Installation is simply effected by coupling the adapter to the connector and shrinking the rear of the molded part on the cable with a hot air gun.  The molded part has a hot-melt adhesive preinstalled to provide a bond between the cable jacket and the molded part.

Available in Straight, 45o or 90o assemblies 


Select Applications:

EMI Shielded Boots
  • High speed circuits 
  • Data transmission 
  • Secure networks