Out of this world cables

TE's space-grade wire and cable solutions help meet the demands for lightweight composition, innovative design and reliability required for space applications.

The best in high reliability solutions. The space industry places stringent demands on wire and cable performance. Key attributes, including low mass, high-efficiency and high-bandwidth, are crucial to mission success. Solutions must also be highly reliable and able to perform in space without maintenance for decades. TE is dedicated to supporting the full range of space wire and cable and interconnect application requirements. 

Low Fluoride SPEC 55 Space Wire

Excellent service history

Smallest and lightest performance wire

Rated at +200 °C for 10,000 hours

Flexible at -85 °C

Mechanically tough, low outgassing

Excellent resistance to chemicals


Note: Low fluoride SPEC 55 wire is not ESA approved

CHEMINAX Coaxial Cable

Suitable for demanding video and RF applications

Low capacitance and attenuation

Lightweight, small size

High velocity of propagation

High flexibility

Rated -65 °C to 200 °C

FILTERLINE ElectroLoss Cable

Rated -65 °C up to 200 °C

SPEC 55 insulation

Suppresses EMI above 100 MHz

Low outgassing

High degree of EMI protection

QUADLITE Quadraxial Cable

Rated -65 °C to 200 °C

Customized construction for data standards: Fast and Gigabit Ethernet, USB, Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394

Low outgassing, lightweight

Low Fluoride SPEC 55 Space Wire
Low Fluoride SPEC 55 space wire
CHEMINAX Coaxial Cable
CHEMINAX coaxial cable
FILTERLINE ElectroLoss Cable
FILTERLINE ElectroLoss cable
QUADLITE Quadraxial Cable
QUADLITE Quadraxial cable