Digital Cables and Data Cables

Our line of high-speed data cables and digital cables includes industry leading brand names such as AMP, Greepar, Raychem, Microdot, Precision Interconnect, and TE. We have integrated these into one cohesive set of coaxial products serving the automotive, broadband, medical, instrumentation, military/aerospace, and wireless infrastructure markets.

Coaxial Cable Construction

  • Round braid
  • Triax
  • Flat braid
  • 2-round braids
  • 2-shields (other)
  • Composite shield
  • Core only
  • Triax-round braids 

Raychem Cheminax Coaxial Cables

Part, Impedance, Capacitance, and Attenuation

Part No. Impedance  Capacitance Attenuation
5012E1339 50 ohms 98.4 [30.0] 14.8 [4.5]
5012M1612 50 ohms 82.0 [25.0] 16.1 [4.9]
5024A1311 50 ohms 83.7 [25.5] 50.3 [15.3]
5026D1027 50 ohms 88.9 [27.1] 63.7 [19.4]
5030A1317 50 ohms 90.2 [27.5] 97.5 [29.7]
cheminax twin axial cable
Cheminax twin axial cable

Cheminax Electrical Performance

Designed to Solve Interconnect Problems

The general and electrical performance of our Cheminax coaxial cables are designed to solve interconnect problems in electronic system, including computers, military equipment, and other areas of high-density packing, where cables are required to perfom more exacting specifications. TE's Raychem advanced materials technology allows us to design and develop Cheminax miniature coaxial cables that offer substantial savings in size and weight while improving mechanical performance and reducing attenuation.

Cables can be designed that are either smaller and lighter than standard RG and UR cables or provide significantly lower attenuation and capacitance with no significant increase in sizeBelow are the key characteristics. Note: Temperature rating varies depending on materials used in specific construction.

  • Conductor range 12 AWG to 30 AWG
  • Operating temperature range* -65°C to 200°C [-85°Fto 392°F]
  • Impedance range 50 ohms to 125 ohms
  • Dielectric constant 1.65–2.3
  • Velocity of propagation 67%–80%

Cheminax Cable Conductors

Metal Coatings, and Bare Copper
  • Tin-coated copper
  • Silver-coated copper
  • Nickel-coated copper
  • Silver-coated high strength copper alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel-coated high strength copper alloy
  • Tin-coated copper-clad steel
  • Silver-coated copper-clad steel
  • Bare copper
  • Silver-coated CS95