Efficient Hermetic Compressor Connections

Cluster blocks provide manufacturers of air conditioning and refrigeration products with a low-cost, fully insulated, electrical quick-connect to mate with hermetic compressor header pins. They feature high impact resistance to shock and abuse, and long-life performance in the presence of oils and refrigerants. Since the connectors accept pins from only one side, the danger of reversing polarity at the time of installation is minimized. Housings are available for both the interior and exterior of the compressor and accept either lead wire terminals or AMPLIVAR direct connect magnet wire terminals. TE’s cluster blocks are engineered with a low contact insertion force for easy assembly and are available on reels for high-speed application.

Product Features

Wire Size (CMA / AWG)
220 - 16,480 / 27-8
Center Pin Position Forward, Back
Max Number of Wires Magnet Wire: 3
Lead Wire: 2
Pin Size (in.)
0.090, 0.125
Wire Type
Magnet Wire (Cu / Al) & Stranded Lead Wire
Number of Positions
Terminal Material Base: Phos Bronze, Brass
Plating: Tin
Max Typical Operating Temperature (°C) 125
Housing Material
PBT Polyester, PA66
Agency Approval(s)
Electric Motor

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