Ring terminals and spade terminals for reliable electrical connections

Ring terminals – known as lug terminals – are electrical terminals that join wiring to a stud or screw connection. On one end, ring terminals are equipped with a closed or open crimp barrel to make an electrical connection with the wire. On the other end is a ring-shaped tongue installed on equipment by a bolt or screw that goes through the ring. Spade terminals – known as spade lugs – join or disconnect a single wire that is connected to a screw or stud. Its shape, which resembles a fork or spade, allows the user to easily connect or disconnect the electrical connection. Spade terminals can help you to connect electrical wires quickly, because screws and bolts only require loosening – instead of complete disassembly – when attaching or removing a connection.

We manufacture ring terminals in a wide range of sizes and types. Our portfolio of lug terminals includes insulated rings, non-insulated rings, open rings or closed rings, barrels, vinyl rings, nylon rings, heat shrink rings, and high temperature rings. To find an appropriate ring lug size, you first need to know the wire gauge and stud size that you will connect to the ring. Another consideration is understanding the environmental factors in which the ring terminal will be use. This will help you determine the appropriate kind of insulation needed. Ring terminals are also known as ring tongue terminals and heat shrink terminals.


The last consideration is the importance of using the right crimping tool. Tools and terminals are carefully engineered to act in tandem, creating crimps that for strong electrical and mechanical performances. Make sure you are selecting the proper crimp and tool adapted to your needs from manual crimp to automated crimping for high volumes. Ring terminals are typically used for grounding purposes. 


Our lug terminals are available with customizable features, multiple stud holes, right angle, offset ring, and rectangular tongue options. Our ring terminals – sometimes called heat shrink terminals – are commonly used in the transportation and automotive industries for connecting contactors and mechanical relays to engines and other circuits. Ring tongue terminals are popular because the combination of stud and ring shape allow the performance of a captive connection, that reduces the risk of unwanted disconnections.

Our portfolio of spade lugs includes spring spade terminals, spade tongue terminals, and spade flange tongue terminals. Considered one of the more popular electrical connectors, spade terminals – also known as spade connectors – feature a unique fork-shape design, which makes installation easier in applications where space is limited. To select the correct spade terminal, from among many different characteristics, it is best to first identify how and where you will use these. When evaluating insulated spade terminals, consider what kind of terminal will work best for its application and gauge size, which are the most important criteria. Gauge and stud sizes can be terminated by the type of wiring used. It is helpful to remember that industry-standard spade color coding can help you determine which wire is the best choice for your application. Our spade terminals come with customizable features and multiple stud hole options. We manufacture both female spade connectors and male spade connectors. Our spade terminals are used to make electrical connections in vehicles, agriculture equipment, and marine technology.

Select Applications

Ring Terminals and Spade Terminals

  • Major home appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines
  • Small home appliances, such as coffeemakers, rice cookers, and cooking ranges