Siameze Terminals

TE offers a full selection of SIAMEZE insulation displacement (IDC) terminals for interconnecting copper magnet wires, lead wires, and other components. The SIAMEZE insulation displacement (IDC) terminal technology eliminates the need to strip the film insulation from copper magnet wires and lead wires. Terminals are available in wire-to-wire, Lead Lok, quick disconnect tabs, posts, pin and receptacle terminals.

Additional Product Details

Available with either Moving Beam contacts whereby a single terminal connects toa very wide range of magnet wire sizes, or a Compliant Beam for contacting two magnet wires of the same diameter in one terminal for splicing or bi-filar applications. Tab terminals are available with single barbs or multiple retention barbs for higher retention. According to TE specifications SIAMEZE cavities are either integrated into coil bodies or specially designed cavity housings. The magnet wires are positioned in the “U”shaped slots. The SIAMEZE terminal Inserter cuts the terminals from the strip and places the terminals over the magnet wire into the plastic cavities. During this operation the small stripping devices penetrate the film insulation from the magnet wire. Residual spring energy in the terminal causes the side walls of the IDC slot to function as opposing cantilever beams. This constant pressure results in an intimate metal-to-metal interface, providing a reliable, long-term connection. The wiping action between the wire and terminals remove all oxides or other contaminants present on both the conductor and the terminal slot side walls, producing a clean, stable, gas-tight electrical termination. The SIAMEZE terminal inserter may be used as a semi-automatic bench machine or integrated in production lines for fully-automatic applications.

Lead Lok Terminals

  • Provides perpendicular and parallel lead wire strain relief retention forces in excess of 20 lbs (90 N)
  • Inserter automatically positions and secures lead wire during insertion Manual, semi-automated, fully automated systems allow for lead wire termination
  • Accepts #18- #22 [0.3mm 2-0.8 mm2 ] AWG solid or stranded lead wire with .115 [2.92 ] max.insulation diameter
  • No lead wire stripping required