water level sensors and submersible pressure transducers from TE Connectivity (TE)

Water Level Sensors & Transducers

Water level sensors are used to monitor water usage and quality. We offer a wide range of solutions with various pressure ranges, cable lengths and output options. Exclusively available for purchase online through the TE Store or through distribution.

Product Features:

Capabilities for TE's Water Level Transducer Portfolio
  • Pressures from 1 to 3,015 PSI
  • Analog and digital output signals
  • Standard configurations available for online purchase
  • Approvals for various hazardous locations
  • Compatibility with a wide range of liquids and gases
  • Measurements in gage, sealed, absolute, temperature, and conductivity pressure types
  • Optional lightning protection and small diameter options


Max. operating temperature available


Max. PSI pressure rating available


Available outside diameter

  1. Configuring KPSI Liquid Level Transducer Part Numbers (English)

Learn how to configure a part number for KPSI analog and digital liquid level transducers including: 300, 500, 600, and 700 Series.

KPSI Hybrid Submersible Cable

  • Excellent for long term water immersion
  • Suited for overmold adhesion
  • Extremely flexible at low temperatures
  • Matte cable finish for ease of installation
new kpsi hybrid submersible cable infographic