Traffic Sensors

Traffic Sensors

TE Connectivity (TE) offers complete solutions and installation support for weigh-in motion, speed and vehicle classification/count applications.


TE’s RoadTrax BL axle sensors are made with our unique PVDF (piezoelectric) cable for dynamic road traffic monitoring. Highly accurate for speed and classification, robust, low cost, easy to install, and offering a great signal-to-noise ratio, these sensors offer tremendous value.

Product Features:

Traffic Sensors
  • Roadtrax BL Piezoelectric axle sensors for permanent or temporary installations
  • BL Sensors are manufactured using our unique PVDF, Piezoelectric cable, suitable for applications such as weigh-in-motion, speed, and red light cameras
  • PUR fiber optic sensors for asphalt or concrete installations
  • Sensor Line sensors can be used for static or dynamic applications
  • Full line of optical transmittance analyzers (OTA's) which are used to operate fiber optic treadles
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