speed sensor

Speed Sensors

TE Connectivity (TE) manufactures standard and custom speed sensors for various industries. The JAQUET brand of speed sensors specializes in speed measurement by providing sensors and complete systems solutions for applications in demanding and harsh conditions. JAQUET speed sensors can be delivered in flexible quantities, from over a million to hundreds. These mostly customer specific solutions based on solid technology platforms add value through being matched to individual applications.

Product Features:

Capabilities for TE's Speed Sensor Portfolio
  • Six technology platforms: speed sensors based on active eddy current, passive eddy current, hall effect or variable reluctance principles together with tachometers and diagnostic systems.
  • Standard or customized executions for: automotive and commercial vehicle turbochargers, large diesel & gas engines, railway, power generation, hydraulics, hazardous locations, aerospace, and various industrial applications
  • Designs for a broad temperature range: -40°C – 300°C peak
  • Multiple channels available in one housing, e.g. for separate monitoring, control systems and redundancy
  • Robust electrical design to withstand EMC and EMI disturbances
  • Configurable, intelligent electronics with temperature and sensor diagnostics
  • Designs suitable for ferromagnetic targets as well as low conductive targets such as aluminum and titanium
  • Customizable housings in metal and over-molded thermoset and thermoplastic materials
  • Customizable cable assembly and connector type


Maximum operating sensor head temperature available for automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial speed sensor applications


From zero speed to 400,000 rpm depending on the application requirements.

speed sensor