Scanners and Systems SCT

Scanners and Systems

The test and measurement group of TE Connectivity (TE) provides data systems based on the electronic pressure and temperature scanners of legacy brand Pressure Systems (PSI).

Product Features

Key Capabilities of TE's Pressure & Temperature Scanners and Related Data Acquisition and Calibration Systems
  • Standard designs and custom configurations to meet the needs of industries including wind tunnel testing, flight testing, turbomachinery, and test and measurement industries
  • Pressure scanner ranges are available from 1.3” H2O (300 Pa) to 10,000 psi (69 MPa) with products available for liquids and gases
  • Networkable temperature scanners set to measure temperature from RTD's, thermocouples or voltages
  • Standard test, flight, and on-vehicle data acquisition systems available
  • Calibraiton systems capable of measuring dry non-corrosive gases to an accuracy of ±0.01% FS
  • NetScanner accessories available to support various test and measurement needs including: pneumatic tubing, retaining springs, tubing pliers, quick disconnects, reducers, tee connections, multi-connectors, and maintenance kits.