Position encoders and rotary sensors to measure rotary position

We offer linear and rotary position encoders, absolute and incremental, based on our AMR (Anisotropic Magneto Resistive) and Hall-effect technologies. These technologies are not affected by dirt, oil, dust or other contaminants, or by changes in ambient lighting conditions. Outputs are either analog or digital. Various off the shelf and custom packaging options are available for our rotary sensors that provide rugged, low cost, non-contacting position feedback for demanding applications.

Product Features:

Rotary Encoder Sensors
  • Various standard packages for linear incremental encoder, rotary absolute encoder, and rotary incremental encoder requirements
  • Innovative custom packaged solutions for rotary sensing applications using magnetic sensing technology
  • Incremental optical encoders available for automation applications
  • Housings available in aluminum and stainless steel with IP ratings to IP-65
  • Ball and Sleeve bearing types
  • Angular Ranges of 270° and 360°
  • Various electrical interfaces including analog voltage, quadrature, current, and SSI


Minimum operating temperature available


Maximum operating temperature available