Angular Position Sensors – RVDT/RVIT

Angular Position Sensors – RVDT/RVIT

TE Connectivity (TE) technologies for inductive angular absolute position transducers include the RVDT (Rotary Variable Differential Transformer) and the RVIT (Angular Variable Inductive Transducer). All of these sensors feature precision ball bearings and non-contact inductive magnetic coupling for extremely long cycle life and virtually infinite resolution. Various off the shelf and custom packaging options are available for the most demanding application requirements. Our AC operated RVDTs are compatible with our full line of signal conditioners, panel displays and mini-controllers.


Rotary Variable Differential Transformer


Rotary Variable Inductive Transducer

Product Features:

Capabilities for TE Angular Position Sensor Portfolio
  • AC operated RVDTs measure rotary position up to ±60 degrees
  • DC RVDTs and RVITs measure up to ±75 degrees with DC voltage output
  • Custom measurement ranges are available
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