MAF Sensors (Mass Air Flow)

Air Flow Sensors to Detect the mass of air intake

Mass air flow sensors are one of the essential components of an electronic fuel injection systems. They measure the amount of air entering the engine, or the air flow. Our reliable and accurate mass air flow (MAF) sensors help detect the mass of air flow in a variety of automotive, medical and industrial gas applications.

Sensor Features:

Capabilities for TE's MAF Sensor Portfolio
  • Thin film anemometer technology
  • Hybrid packages
  • Hot film anemometer component
  • Bi-directional (LMM-H04) designs
  • High sensitivity at low heater temperatures, fast response time, true air temperature sensor
  • 23 x 10.15 x 1.1mm design package
  • Used for applications including air intake of combustion engines, spirometers, and industrial gas flow measurement
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