Temperature Humidity Sensors for Pinpointing Humidity with Accuracy

Based on a unique capacitive cell, our temperature and humidity sensors are designed for high volume applications where humidity measurement is needed.

Product Features:

Capabilities for TE's Humidity Sensor Portfolio
  • Strict linear response curve through humidity (0-100%) and temperature (-40 to 125°C) respectively
  • Specific polymer combined with calibration slope and offset skills
  • Industry leading response time (t63% in 2 sec)
  • Even after condensation, the response time is t63% in 5 sec, enabling best in class overall system performance
  • An optional filter membrane is specially designed to support harsh environments
  • Specific die structure and IP67 rated sealing with filter options
  • Even after high humidity exposure or condensation events


Typical Accuracy

2 sec

response time; 5 seconds after condensation


Ingress Protection with filter

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