Humidity Transducers & Transmitters

TE Connectivity (TE) offers packaged humidity and temperature sensors with voltage (analog) output signals. Designed for 2% accuracy in ranges from 10-95% relative humidity (RH), these sensors can be used for HVAC and air quality applications in which compensation for humidity is required. A specialized version for low RH settings is available.

Product Features

Capabilities for TE's Humidity Transducer Portfolio
  • Various standard and customizable configurations for relative humidity measurement applications including HVAC, Intelligent Buildings, and Automotive / Off-road vehicle applications
  • Additional measurement properties available in certain packages include the measurement of temperature and pressure
  • Plug and play configurations to make intregration simple
  • Analog and digital output signals available


Maximum operating relative humidity available


Maximum operating temperature available within category of products

  1. TRICAN 5V Combination Sensor (English)

The TRICAN 5V digital combination sensor from TE Connectivity (TE) provides output signals for relative humidity, temperature and pressure from a single device. Watch this video to learn more.