Transmission / Clutch Sensors -Vehicle Sensors

TE's extensive portfolio of speed and position sensor technologies provide end-to-end solutions for gearbox, clutch, transmission and differential applications in ICE and hybrid vehicles.

Within ICE and hybrid vehicles sensor technology is key to the efficient running of the transmission and clutch system.  Speed sensors detect the input and output speed of the transmission and communicates this information to the transmission control unit. In turn, this enables shifting pressure to be regulated and combined with information from clutch and gear position sensors, determine when the gears should be engaged. TE offers the technology and application expertise to provide a one-stop-shop for transmission sensor modules and clusters with high levels of temperature and vibration resistance, oil tightness and robust interconnectivity.

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Solutions for Transmission/ Clutch:

  • Park Lock Sensor - Coming  Soon!
  • Transmission Sensor Clusters and Modules  - Coming Soon!



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