e-mobility sensors

E-mobility Sensors for Automotive, Truck, Bus and Off-Road Vehicle Solutions

As electric vehicles (EVs) become smarter and more connected, sensor technology innovation is a key element within new vehicle architectures that is enabling the next generation of e-mobility. For example, our portfolio of highly robust and accurate eddy current and reluctance resolvers, current and temperature sensors help enable higher e-motor performance and efficiency. Our passive, active and Hall current sensors are integral components of battery management systems responsible for monitoring the health and state of EV batteries.

  1. Sensors for Electric Vehicles: A Glimpse Into the Critical Role of Sensors in the Electric Powertrain (English)

Watch this webinar to learn more about the critical role sensors play in the electric powertrain, providing safe, reliable, and connected performance. These sensors help monitor and predict battery issues, enable improved powertrain efficiencies and allow for faster charging while operating in the most demanding conditions.