Sensors for Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

Vehicle electrification (e-mobility), sustainability (zero emissions), increased safety & productivity are trends significantly impacting the role of sensors in passenger and commercial vehicles. This includes the requirement to enable greater e-motor performance and efficiency, reduced charging time, increased battery life, cleaner and more efficient internal combustion engines, reduced maintenance / vehicle down-time as well as highly robust ADAS and autonomous driving safety systems. TE offers a diverse sensor technology portfolio, combined with deep application expertise gained from extensive experience of delivering quantifiable value across a wide range of demanding passenger & commercial vehicle applications.


Our portfolio of highly robust and accurate eddy current and reluctance resolvers and temperature sensors help enable higher e-motor performance and efficiency. In addition, TE is able to integrate temperature sensors and resolvers to create optimized custom solutions.

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EV Batteries

Our passive, active and Hall current sensors are integral components of battery management systems responsible for monitoring the health and state of EV batteries.

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ICE/ Exhaust Systems

We offer an extensive portfolio of sensors that enable higher performance, efficiency and lower/ cleaner emissions from internal combustion engine and exhaust systems. These include oil property sensors and level switches, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) sensors as well as turbo charger airflow and speed sensors.

Transmission /Clutch

TE offers an extensive portfolio of speed and position sensors and sensor clusters for clutch and transmission modules. This includes input and output speed sensors, gear position, fork position and neutral position, transmission range / drive mode sensors as well as clutch position and pneumatic gearbox pressure sensors.

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Brake Systems

Our portfolio of sensors for brake systems includes high pressure brake pressure sensors, pedal position/ travel sensors, pneumatic brake pressure sensors, brake cylinder, brake light and park lock sensors. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of wheel speed sensors including high resolution and redundant wheel speed sensors for advanced driver assist systems (ADAS)

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TE offers a range of sensors to support steering, hydraulic equipment, and truck trailer level/ load management and other chassis applications. These include rear axle steering and differential lock sensors, tilt sensors, Hall switches and hydraulic actuator sensors.

Body / Cabin

TE offers a portfolio of sensors for body and cabin applications that enable driver and passenger safety and comfort. These include seat and door position sensors as well has cabin air humidity and defogging sensors that enable HVAC efficiency.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) / Off-Highway ADAS

TE offers a range of digital imaging / optical detector solutions enabling a range of vehicle camera and ADAS applications for industrial and commercial vehicles, ranging from operations assistance, remote operations to pedestrian protection.  Our portfolio includes imager/ optics, electrical and mechanical interfaces as well as digital imaging software.