DIP & SIP Switches

Diverse portfolio of DIP and SIP switches

A dual in-line package (DIP) switch is a manual electronic package that is composed of a series of tiny switches. Available with a variety of actuator styles and sizes, these switches can be used in a range of applications in computers and peripherals. Our DIP switches range in position sizes from 1 to 12, with the capability of adding our end stackable switches. We also offer SIP switches that can package multiple resistors and RAM chips with a common pin. Our portfolio includes surface mount DIP switches and through hole DIP switches.

A DIP switch has a rectangular casing and two parallel rows of connecting terminals. Common DIP switch features include tape and reel packaging, imprinted markings, CE and CSA certifications, UL listed, dustproof, and waterproof or weather resistant.


A DIP switch can be normally open (NO), normally closed (NC), or three stage. Types of DIP switches include a slide actuator, which can be configured to have raised or recessed slides; a rocker switch, which can be configured to have raised or recessed rockers; and a piano switch, which is a side-actuated lever that has “keys” to push down to actuate.


DIP switches are normally found on motherboards, expansion cards, and auxiliary cards, and are often used to hold configuration settings on computers and peripherals like circuit boards and modems.


A single inline package (SIP) switch is a computer chip package that has a single row of connection pins. The body of a SIP switch is usually made of ceramic or plastic, with a lead count that typically ranges between 4 and 64. There are three SIP switch styles: conformal coated, uncoated, and molded. SIP switches collectively arrange RAM chips on a small board by either using a DIP process or surface mounting device process.


The board includes a single row of pin leads that connect to a socket on a system or a system-expansion board. Small-form SIP switches are typically parallel-array devices of common value components like resistor arrays and diodes. Large-form SIP switches are typically hybrid circuits like timers or oscillators.