Low signal, stable insertion loss, low VSWR

Standard versions of high-frequency relays are available for applications ranging from wireless communications to precision high-speed test equipment. High-performance versions are available for harsh environmental conditions. Low signal relays are compact and provide stable contact resistance, Form C contact arrangement, a fully sealed construction, and available latching and low operating power. Low signal relays are used to switch low level currents effectively, often below 2 amp and up to 40 amp.

Product Overview

High Frequency Relays

TE's high frequency relays provide signal repeatability and RF switching capabilities up to the 6 GHz microwave range. Our MW Series relays offer signal repeatability and RF switching capabilities to the 6 GHz microwave range in a hermetically sealed, subminiature package. TE’s standard or sensitive (S0) coil are offered in a range of DC input voltages, and 2 Form (DPDT) contacts rated low-level to 1 amp. High frequency relays are typically used in computers, test equipment, and communication applications. High frequency relays have an extended mechanical life expectancy of 10 million operations. 

Product Facts

Signal Isolation 18dB at GHz.  (MW6/MW6HP), 18dB at 4 GHz.  (MW4/MW4HP), and 22dB at 3 GHz. (MWS/MW3HP).
Insertion Loss 0.38dB for MW6/MW6HP, 0.27 dB for MW6/MW6HP, 0.27 dB for MW4/MW4HP, and 0.36dB for MW3/MW3HP.
VSWR Low 1.30: 1 @ 6GHz. for MW6/MW6HP, 1.36: 1 @ 4GHz.  for  MW4/MW4HP, and 1.24:1 @ 3GHz. for MW3/MW3HP.

Product Overview

Low Signal Relays

Low signal relays vary in contact arrangement, contact current, coil voltage, and termination style. Low signal relays are used in commercial and everyday consumer products, including as part of communications equipment, industrial machines, medical equipment, and measurement and control equipment. Additional applications include security, AC control, automotive devices, audio/visual devices, and aerospace.