High Power contactors are a special class of electrical relays that are required to switch to much higher currents and voltages.  Not only must the power systems accommodate the routine flight requirements, but they must also offer backup power and emergency power. These electrically controlled devices use a low-power coil drive circuit to switch to a higher power circuit. The contactor is located near the controlled load, allowing for weight savings because of smaller wirings sizes that are used for on/off coil control of the remote load. Our Mil-Aero contactors control high power circuits and offer efficient and smart operation to protect against overcurrent and faults. One of the biggest trends today for aerospace and military contactors is building more electronic intelligence to protect against abnormal events and to detect system faults. Our lightweight Mil-Aero contactors offer continuous current ratings up to 2000A and voltages up to 1,800 VDC in compact, sealed packages. Contactors are used to control different power sources in large commercial military aircraft, which includes engine-driven generators, auxiliary power units, batteries, external power, and ram air turbines. Our contactors provide the switching performance required for aerospace and defense applications.