EVC 250 Main Contactor (EVC 250)

EVC 250 Contactor

Safe contactors for brighter future mobility. Our EVC 250 main contactor is designed for use in hybrid, full-electric and fuel-cell vehicles, and on-board charging systems. Not only does the EVC 250 work without pressurized contact chambers, but it also features larger contact gaps, optimized switching dynamics, high-performance arc suppressing magnets and other measures to effectively control the switching arc.

The EVC 250 contactor features larger contact gaps and optimized switching dynamics. It features high-performance arc suppressing magnets to effectively control the switching arc. The contactor achieves continuous current ratings of 250A, which ensures a safe short-circuit carry capability of 6,000A and complies with switching requirements in hybrid and electric vehicles. Service replacement due to pressure loss or gas leaking is no longer necessary.


  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Full battery electric vehicles, fuel-cell cars and
  • DC battery charging systems
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Overview video featuring our next generation of contactors. TE's EVC 250 is a compact, high-voltage contactor used in hybrid, full-electric and fuel cell vehicles, on-board charging systems and works without pressurized contact chambers.


The requirements for the main contactor under normal operation conditions are summarized here:

  • Connect and disconnect the battery
  • Carry several hundred Amps with low power dissipation
  • Ensure full galvanic isolation, when the vehicle is turned off
The requirements for failure cases are:

  • The contactor must be able to switch off overcurrents of up to 2,000A
  • The contactor must still be capable of separating the circuit after an overload
  • The contacts must remain closed in case of overload (especially at short circuits), as long as the contactor is activated

Permitted Duration for Pulse Currents

Pulsed current          Pulse duration [ms]
6,000 A 20
5,000 A
4,000 A 500
3,000 A 1,000 


Continuous current at 85°C


Short-circuit carry capability for 25ms

EVC 250 Switching Capability

Load Current Direction Current [A] on/off Voltage [V] on/off Switching cycles Riso
Charge/Discharge 200/27 22.5/450 100,000  >1 GΩ 
Charge/Discharge 30/30 450 100,000  >1 GΩ 
Charge 0/100 450 50  >1 GΩ 
Charge 0/200 450 50  >100 MΩ 
Discharge 0/500 450 50  >100 MΩ 
Discharge 0/1,000 450 >100 MΩ 
Discharge 0/2,000 450 >100 MΩ 
Discharge 0/3,000 400 >100 kΩ 


  • Compact high voltage main contactor
  • Voltage rating up to 450VDC
  • Continuous current up to 250A at 85°C
  • Short circuit carry currents up to 6,000A