Force Guided: Different from normal relays

Force guided relays are used in safety circuits in combination with light curtains, interlock switches, and emergency stop switches to control outputs. These are used to expand outputs for safety relay modules and safety controllers. Our force guided relays are highly engineered for reliably switching low loads by the monitoring circuit. We developed comprehensive documentation for forced guided relays to accelerate the development process for safety controls and application notes to point out possible error sources.

The force guided relay differs from a typical control relay in its architecture.  The so-called actuator in a force-guided relay tightly connects the opening and closing contacts. A normally closed contact cannot be closed simultaneously with a normally open contact due to its permanent connection. For instance, if a normally closed contact is welded to a normally open contact, the normally closed contact will invariably be open. The opposite is also accurate. As a result, for instance, by incorporating the normally closed in a monitoring circuit and analysing its closing, you can be certain that the normally open contact has opened. 

  1. SR6 Next Generation

SR6nG is a fully compatible successor of TE’s force guided relay series SR6A/B/C/V/D/M. With its force-guided contacts the state of a contact can be monitored with a diagnostic coverage of 99% (IEC 61508-2) which makes the SR6nG ideal to design safety circuits. The minimum contact load of 5V / 1mA allows direct monitoring through controller input. A more sensitive monostable magnetic coil system reduces heat generation. The relay height of 15.7mm fits best in 22.5mm DIN rail housings.

  1. Safety Video (English)

Safety is paramount in every corner of our daily lives. Safety in human machine interaction has one goal, protecting humans in event of a failure of the operating application. See more here about our Force Guided Relay products.

  1. Focused on safety for industry 4.0 - force guided relays (English)

Listen to Christian Netsch, TE Product Manager along with Steffen Fasching, TE Field Application Engineer, to learn more about application and product trends related to force guided relays.