SIMABUS connectors

Substation Connectors

Enabling ageing power infrastructures to meet future demand with modular solutions. The worldwide population is growing exponentially, cities and urban areas are expanding. The energy demand is intensified and will be multiplied by three between now and 2040*. The power infrastructures must have sufficient capacity and reliability to support this expansion. Ones of the masterpiece of this expansion are substations. They can be considered as the crossroads of the power system. They need to be robust to control and ensure power flow. In industrialized countries, power utilities are facing ageing infrastructures. To help them to maintain and repair existing power substations our experts designed modular and high voltage connectors.

Substation Connectors

TE Connectivity's (TE) modular SIMABUS and SIMAFLEX range are high voltage substation connectors. They have been created to revolutionize substations by replacing multiple connector types with a single busbar connector that reduces lead time, eliminates waste and improves performance. Designed as a universal product to meet the needs of utility customers worldwide, our high voltage connections use a modular approach to replace three other types of connectors – Classic, Sinemex and Anti-Corona – with a single product. These connectors can match any busbar height, size and interconnect specification. As part of our SIMEL product range, these connector systems are the result of more than 60 years of experience in high-voltage applications. 

TE’s SIMEL substation fittings are tailor made and produced with components kept on stock. We call them “Make To Order” connectors which can be delivered throughout the world. They became TE’s standards thanks to a design for manufacturing approach implementation. 

Product Benefits

SIMABUS and SIMAFLEX substation fittings
  • Modular approach: innovative solution to comply with 2 or 3 keepers specifications within the same product range.
  • Reduced lead time: make to order solutions in 4 to 6 weeks thanks to a rationalized range of casting components kept in stock.
  • Extended lifetime: high electrical performances with in-house machining combined with waxed bolts. Strengthen mechanical behaviors with electrical contact grooves machined as per each conductor.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: lower shipping volumes and reduced on-site waste cut environmental impact.
  • Service and support: TE experts match the right SIMABUS / SIMAFLEX product to your current or future technical specifications. 
    Laser marking done systematically on each connector for permanent traceability and identification.
  • Easy installation: the stainless steel U bolt will hold the conductor during the installation allowing a fast and easy mounting of the two external keepers.
  • Additional features: die-cast components, precision machined contact surfaces and streamlined packaging for reduced on site waste.
  1. The Future of High Voltage Energy Transmission (English)

Laurent Royer, Global Engineering and HVCS Product Manager, describes how TE's SIMABUS connectors will allow utilities to meet today’s growing demands for energy without building larger substations.