High Voltage Cable Accessories

A Global Portfolio for Your Challenges

For 60+ years, we develop High Voltage Cable Accessories that fit virtually any power cable and enable flawless network operation. We offer a complete portfolio of TE´s Raychem products engineered to optimize your performance and solve your High Voltage network challenges in IEC, IEEE and GB/T standards. Our solutions can be customized according to your cable requirements. We are your trust partner for cable connection points demanding electrical performance, strength and reliability.


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A Global HVCA Portfolio

  • Outdoor Terminations
  • Dry Compact Switchgear and Transformer Terminations
  • Heat Shrink and Cold Applied Joints for Polymeric Cables
  • Link Boxes

Product Benefits

  • Heat shrink and cold applied High Voltage Cable Accessories that meet IEC, IEEE & GB/T requirements
  • Easy, safe and quick installation with optimized design and material selection
  • Customized products according to your grid requirements
  • Oil-filled outdoor termination with different creepage to suit grid and environment requirements
  • Separable switchgear and transformer terminations that replace oil-filled designs with a dry interface
  • Flexible, compact cable joints that integrate electrical performance, stress control and moisture sealing
  • Local language support, on-site trainings, installation services and supervision
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Discover how TE Connectivity's approach of the power transmission industry challenges.


Products Installed in the Field


Years of HVCA Experience

Heat Shrink and Cold Applied Outdoor termination for Polymeric Cables

Our Raychem High Voltage outdoor terminations are designed to be reliable, fast and easy install for almost any cable type as no special tools are required. The terminations come with pre-moulded silicon body with creepage distances as per your requirement. Our OHVT's are compliant with IEC, IEEE and GB/T standards.

Terminations for Switchgear & Transformer

TE’s Raychem high voltage plug-in terminations are reliable, fast and easy to install for virtually any cable type as no special tools are required. The plug-in terminations are suitable for Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and transformers. The terminations come with a pressure-tight housing to ensure no leakage of SF6, reducing outage risks and increasing safety. Our PHVS and PHVT are compliant with IEC, IEEE and GB/T standards.


TE’s Raychem High Voltage joints are designed to be reliable, fast and easy install for almost any cable type as no special tools are required. The joints come with pre-moulded silicone bodies and different encasing to ensure sealing and mechanical protection.

Link Boxes

TE’s Raychem High Voltage link boxes are designed to be used in a network for reliable earthing and grounding connections. The link boxes are suitable for single core or coax cables, and are available with or without sheath voltage limiters. Partial discharge sensors are also available for the  online monitoring of your grid.

  1. High Voltage Cable Accessories (English)

For more than 60 years, TE Connectivity's Raychem product line has stood for innovation in cable accessories. Today, the full range of high voltage cable accessories incorporate the latest advances in materials science, deliver reliable performance for your most critical applications and install in 30-50% less time than the alternatives.