TE's Raychem Dual Cable Clamp

Cable Clamps & Cleats: Supporting Your Network

TE's Raychem single, dual, and trefoil cable clamps and cleats are available with or without hardware and even in stacked configuration. Our cable cleats optimize clamping force at the attachment point, and the cable by securing each cleat half separately. The end fittings are available in slider plate, strut nut and flat mount versions for mounting on rails or plates. Cables can be aligned in the bottom half of the cleat prior to final tightening. TE’s engineering team can design tailor made cable clamps and cleats for customer requirements.

Product Features

  • 33% glass fiber, UV stabilized, self extinguishing, impact resistant material
  • Wide application range for cable diameters from 15 - 106 mm
  • Slider plate design maximizes cleat performance when under shock load
  • Captive elastomeric inserts for increased cable protection and containment
  • Single level or stackable configuration
CC Cable Clamp
CCD Cable Clamp Dual
CCT Cable Clamp Trefoil
  1. How to install Cable Cleats (English)

Discover how fast you can install our cable cleats and learn more about their different components.