RW-175/RW-175-E heat shrink tubing


Enhanced RW-175 heat shrink tubing offers better clarity, reduced flex crazing and excellent protection.

RW-175/RW-175-E tubing is highly resistant to flame, high temperatures and chemicals.  Modified polyvinylidene fluoride material provides outstanding abrasion and cut-through resistance. With its 2:1 shrink ratio across a wide range of sizes, it offers excellent insulation, mechanical protection and strain relief of multi-pin connectors, solder joints and other delicate connections. Its very thin wall design and standard clear color make this tubing suitable for dense packaging applications and/or visual inspection of covered components. Appliances, industrial machinery, communications equipment, aircraft and satellites are among the application areas. 

Features: Heat Shrink Tubing

RW-175 Tubing
  • 2:1 shrink ratio 
  • Tough, semirigid, very-thin-wall tubing
  • High flame-resistance and high-temperature performance meets or exceeds military / industrial standards
  • Microtubing sizes offered
  • Protects from solvents, fuels and chemicals
  • Meets NASA outgassing requirements
  • Clear type has better clarity and increased resistance to crazing than previous solutions


Full recovery temperature


Shrink ratio



RW-175 Dimensions

Size Minimum Expanded I.D. (As Supplied) Maximum Recovered I.D.(After Heating) Recovered Wall Thickness (After Heating)
3/16 .187 inches .093 inches .25 ± .051
½ .500 inches .250 inches .33 ± .051
¾ .750 inches .375 inches .43 ± .076
1 1 inch .500 inches .48 ± .076
2 2 inches 1 inch .51 ± .076
  1. Single Wall Installation (English)

Single Wall Installation

Especially suitable for applications requiring high temperature performance, outstanding abrasion resistance and cut-through resistance, or superior chemical and solvent properties.
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