DWFR Heat Shrink Tubing

Reliable, versatile tubing that insulates and protects

DWFR (dual wall flame retardant) tubing is a dual wall product that meets the stringent flammability requirements of UL VW-1. There are numerous single wall tubing products meeting VW-1, and now TE offers a dual wall product meeting this high level of resistance to flammability. DWFR tubing electrically insulates and mechanically protects while resisting moisture. This tubing is offered in both 3:1 and 4:1 heat shrink ratios, and its inner wall of adhesive bonds to a variety of substrates. This combination of properties allows DWFR tubing to meet a broad range of application requirements.

Product Features

  • Being highly flame retardant with a UL VW-1 rating, it becomes an excellent candidate for applications in appliances, motor vehicles, commercial electronics, and consumer electronics, given the increased focus on consumer safety.
  • With 3:1 and 4:1 shrink ratios, DWFR tubing offers design versatility and allows customers to use a few sizes to cover a wide range of substrate diameters, reducing their inventory requirements and costs.
  • The irradiated polyolefin jacket with thermoplastic adhesive inner wall electrically insulates and environmentally seals and protects components and other electrical connections and terminations.
  • The thermoplastic adhesive inner wall bonds to a wide variety of plastics, rubbers and metals, sealing and protecting components and interconnections, and preventing moisture ingress.
  • With its broad range of sizes, from 3mm to 52mm inside diameter when unrecovered, DWFR tubing is suitable for a wire range of applications.
  • DWFR tubing adds to TE’s heat shrink tubing product line. TE is a global industry leader with a long history of supplying a broad range of heat shrink tubing solutions for many different applications and markets.

Dual Wall Flame Retardant

DWFR Heat Shrink Tubing

DWFR dual wall heat shrink tubing consists of a polyolefin  jacket and a thermoplastic inner adhesive wall. With its VW-1 rating, it is unique within the wide variety of dual wall tubing products supplied by TE.

DWFR tubing is easily applied. For low volume requirements, a hot air heating tool, referred to as a heat gun, can be used in either a hand-held or bench-mounted mode. TE offers several different models of heat guns as well as accessories to direct the airflow and reflect the heat.

The tubing is slipped over the wiring or component to which it is to be applied, and the heat is then applied to the tubing.

When the DWFR tubing is heated, the adhesive lining melts and flows as the outer jacket shrinks. The tubing is properly installed when the adhesive is seen flowing out each end of the recovered tubing.

To support high-volume production requirements, TE offers a broad line of more elaborate heating equipment for applying.