Protection from the environment

TE's Raychem heat-shrinkable cable breakouts and transitions offer strain relief protection for cable assemblies used in harsh environments. These products help prevent penetrating exposure from salt water, fuels, and petroleum-based solvents. Breakouts and transitions are available in popular “T” or “Y” shapes or with several openings for multi-branched cables, and with a variety of exit angles and branches to offer strain relief, sealing and mechanical protection for multi-branched cable harness assemblies.

Product Features:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Self-sealing for waterproofing (sealant coated parts only)
  • Mechanical protection 
  • Heat shrinkable for size range variability Ease of installation
  • Temperature and solvent resistant 
  • Strain relief  for cable break-outs 
  • Available in several sizes 


Qualified to SAE AS85049/142


Configurable heat-shrink transition


Largest transition available

TE offers multiple branch boots/breakouts from 2 to 8 individual branches to provide sealing and strain relief.
John Kuster,
Sr. Product Manager

Harness Systems and Their Components

Components System 10 System 20 System 25 System 30 System 100 System 200 System 300
Tubing Versafit NT-FR DR-25 VPB ZHTM RW-200 RT555
Molded Part -3, -4, -71 -51 -25 -50 -100 -12 -55
Adhesive S1017, S1030 S1124, S1048 S1048, S1125 S1125, S1255-04 S1030, S1125 S1125, S1255-04 S1255-04
Precoat /42, /180 /164, /86 /86, /225 N/A /180 N/A N/A

Material Selection Table

Material number Description Operating Temperature Range
-3 Semi-Rigid Modified Polyolefin -55°C to 135°C
-4 Flexible Polyolefin -55°C to 135°C
-5 Elastomer, Flexible -70oC to 121oC
-12 Modified Fluroelastomer -55°C to 200°C
-25 Fluid-Resistant Modified Elastomer -75°C to 150°C
-50 Fluid-Resistant Modified Elastomer -55°C to 150°C
-51 Chemical-Resistant Fluroelastomer -55°C to 135°C
-71 Semi-Rigid Modified Polyolefin -55°C to 135°C
-100 Low-Fire Hazard Material -30°C to 105°C
-130 Semi-Rigid Modified Polyolefin -20°C to 70°C

M85049/142 Cross-Reference

Dash Number Manufacture's Part Description
01 R85049/142-01
02 R85049/142-02
03 R85049/142-03
04 R85049/142-04
05 R85049/142-05
06 R85049/142-06
07 R85049/142-07
08 R85049/142-08
09 R85049/142-09
10 R85049/142-10
11 R85049/142-11
12 R85049/142-12
13 R85049/142-13

Select Applications:

  • Power cable terminations
  • Multiple branch harnesses