joints and splices

Electrical Joints and Splices

Our broad portfolio of power cable joints and splices are made for low, medium and high voltage electrical connection. These are engineered to withstand harsh conditions in extreme environments, providing long-term efficiency and reliabilty even under heavy pollution levels. Our portfolio of technologies includes heat shrink, cold shrink, gel, and resins.

Heat Shrink Joints and Splices

Our Heat shrink power cable joints and splices provide excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics, in order to guarantee insulation, protection and sealing for cables and accessories. Our heat shrink components will remain reliable for years in the field. It includes: Extruded product – Tubes and Sleeves, Moulded parts – Endcaps and Breakouts, Extruded sheet products – Wraparound sleeves.

  1. How to install TE's Raychem MXSU Jointing System (English)

Watch our video to learn more about how to install TE's Raychem Heat Shrink Joint MXSU.

Cold Shrink Joints and Splices

Our Cold Shrink joints and splices have 10 years of proven field service. These silicone rubbers are considered reliable insulating materials used up to the highest voltage classes. The cold shrink components are an especially good solution for industries where gas torch usage is restricted.

  1. Cold Shrink Joint Installation Video (English)

TE Connectivity (TE)'s Raychem Cold Shrink Joint (CSJA) is an all-in-one solution. It is designed for use on 1/C shielded power cables (15-35 kV). Watch the CSJA installation video to learn more.

Gel Filled Joints and Splices

Our Gel Products including GTAP, GelWrap, GelBox and RayGel Plus joints are known to be quick, easy and clean to install. They are filled with PowerGel sealing gel that is rated to 90°C continuous temperature and is halogen-free with an unlimited shelf life. Thanks to the PowerGel that brings reliable protection against water and humidity to your power cable joints. The gel products are suitable for outdoor, direct buried, underground or overhead applications.

  1. GelBox 25 Joint Installation Video (English)

Easy to install, submersible, UV resistant. Watch how to install GelBox joints.

Resin Filled Joints and Splices

We develop a wide range of environment-friendly, reliable and easy-to-install resin casting material including Guroflex, Rapid, Gurosil, and Guronic Our resins are made to fill in Low and Medium-voltage power cable joints and splices in order to protect, insulate and seal electrical connections. Our resins are suitable for all your requirements including indoor, outdoor, highly humid rooms applications.

  1. BAV-2 Cable Branch Joint With GUROFLEX-N Green Resin Installation Video

Watch the installation video of our BAV-2 cable branch joint with GUROFLEX-N green resin. An environmentally friendly, easy to use and reliable joint.