Our insulators provide robust, light-weight support for pantographs, busbars and other high voltage electric equipment on locomotives, multiple units and high-speed trains. High-Voltage insulators are mainly made of non-conductive materials. Our high voltage insulator bushing (HVIB) products insulators are available for AC and DC systems, several of them meeting EN45545-2. Metal end fittings are selected from a wide range of available standards like aluminum or steel.


  • 1.5 / 3 kVdc ,15 / 25 kVac polymeric insulators optimised for use in the rail environment
  • Light weight and easy to handle compared to conventional ceramic alternatives
  • Impact resistant and virtually unbreakable due to the use of polymeric materials
  • Standard designs available but can be custom designed for specific applications
  • Special applications such as air-feed insulators are available
  • Modular construction allows small batch sizes and easy production of new designs
  • Reliability demonstrated by over 20 years service history on high speed trains
  • Maintenance free minimising total life-cycle costs
  • Shock and vibration tested according to EN61373

Industry-leading Raychem high voltage insulation materials and well-proven polymer or glass fibre cores are combined to make insulators that are easy to install and completely reliable in the harsh rail environment. HVIB insulators are designed to support pantographs, busbars and other high voltage electric equipment on locomotives, multiple units and high speed trains. Metal end fittings are selected from a wide range of available standards or can be custom designed. TE can also provide insulators for special applications such as pantograph air-feed insulators. Air-feed insulators house helically wound air-lines encapsulated by Raychem high voltage materials giving a long internal creepage path that is free from moisture.

Custom Design Service

Although standard insulator designs are available, it is possible to tailor the designs for a specific application. By providing this design service, TE can supply all of your insulator needs for new build and retrofit applications. Individual designs can be modelled in most major 2D or 3D drawing packages.


HVIB insulators have been subjected to a full series of electrical, mechanical and environmental qualification tests to major rail standards. Batches of insulators are serial numbered to provide complete traceability.

Typical Ratings

Typical ratings for a 25 kV support insulator


Characteristics Value
Working Voltage 25 kV nom
AC withstand voltage >75 kV
Impulse withstand voltage >170 kV
Operating temperature -40 to +80°C
Height 300 – 400 mm
Outer housing material Raychem high voltage polyolefin
Typical strike distance 350 – 450 mm
Typical creepage 650 – 1000 mm
Typical diameter 40 – 80 mm
End fittings Various designs to customer specification
Cantilever 10 kN MAX working
Tensile 10 kN MAX working
Weight 5.5 kg