The 2 in 1 smart connection

Our PI-Spring technology of our SNK series of terminal blocks provides the benefits of both Push-In and Spring technologies in one connection. Qualified for worldwide markets, applications and for severe environments (including hazardous locations, railways, marine and solar applications).


  • 50% faster connection time with push-in mode
  • Reduced effort and conductor preparation time with spring mode
  • Ease of wiring thanks to the front entry connection
  • Excellent connections with or without ferrules proven by required certification testings
  • Connection elasticity and design strictly controlled to provide for an easy and safe insertion of both conductor and screwdriver,
  • The flat surface of the PI-Spring makes wire and screwdriver insertion smoother and easier.


Main Features

  • Connecting capacity from 0.2 to 25 mm² (26 to 4 AWG),
  • Stainless steel PI-Spring for high corrosion resistance (>1000 h),
  • The flat surface of the PI-Spring makes wire and screwdriver insertion smoother and easier
  • Dimensions, coating and shape of the linking bar designed to get the lowest and most stable electrical contact value,
  • Very good electrical contact even in applications where vibration and shock are issues, such as railway.


SNK Terminal Blocks For Fuse

Snk fuse-holder connections terminal blocks are offering world-class certifications with patented pi-spring connection (push-in and spring mode) that help fast wiring, and faster accessories mounting for 5x20 and 5x25 mm fuses pi-spring (push-in & spring) technology with 4 mm² cable size


  • Increased productivity
  • More visibility on the panel
  • Smaller cabinets with less cost
  • Products can be used for most of the applications