Reliable DDR4 pin socket interconnections to memory modules

Our fourth generation of DDR4 DIMM sockets (double data rate, dual inline memory module) are designed for reliable connections to memory modules. DDR4 DIMM sockets are high-quality memory sockets for use in always-on applications like data centers. DDR4 pin sockets support 288 Pin SMT type and 288 Pin TH type.

Product Features

DDR4 Sockets
  • Various mounting types: through hole, surface mount
  • Narrow and standard extractor options
  • Various color options for connector housing and extractor
  • Accepts memory module per JEDEC MO-309  


Memory module pitch


Number of positions


Seating plane height

Product Overview

DDR4 Sockets

Our DDR4 pin sockets feature various mounting types: through-hole, surface mount; narrow and standard extractor options; various color options for connector housing and extractor; and it can accept memory module per JEDEC MO-309 specification. Applications for our DDR4 DIMM sockets include communications equipment, desktop PCs, servers, and storage.