DDR4 Sockets

Reliable Interconnection to Memory Modules

Our fourth generation, double data rate, dual inline memory module (DDR4 DIMM) product line enables reliable interconnection to memory modules for servers, storage, communications equipment, and desktop PCs. Engineered for a smaller pitch and higher pin count than the DDR3 DIMM, this product portfolio is designed to accept the JEDEC industry standard module and may be suitable for applications on new high-speed data platforms. Compared to the DDR3 DIMM product line, the DDR4 DIMM product line offers additional benefits, including a 20 percent (maximum) space savings on a printed circuit board (PCB), a connector height reduction of 10 percent (maximum), improved power consumption, and higher data rate support.

Product Features

DDR4 Sockets
  • Various mounting types: through hole, surface mount, and press fit
  • Narrow and standard extractor options
  • Various color options for connector housing and extractor
  • Accepts memory module per JEDEC MO-309  

Select Applications

DDR4 Sockets
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Communications equipment
  • Desktop PCs


Memory module pitch


Number of positions


Seating plane height

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