Miniature coax connectors: Versatile, reliable design

Our micro-miniature coax connectors offer a rugged, compact solution designed for save space and engineered for high-performance microwave systems. Built to accept multiple ohm mini coax cables, our mini coax connectors are ideally suited for applications requiring high density, reliabilty, and reduced size and weight. Our selection of micro coax and mini coax connectors includes small. options designed for the aerospace and defense industries. To address your design specifications, we can accommodate harness assemblies and custom configurations.

Product features

Mico-miniature coax connectors
  • Push-on style interconnect allowing control of the mating forces
  • Float mounted jack maintains positive RF ground
  • Designed for space saving applications
  • Desigend for high performance microwave system requirements
  • Designed to accept multiple ohm mini coax cables


1,000 volts RMS at sea level - MICRODOT


1,000 volts RMS at sea level - MICRODOT


30% smaller than SMP interconnects - SMPM

Product specifications


Specifications SMPM Micro-Miniature SMP Micro-Miniature OSSP Sub-Miniature OSP Miniature
Impedance  50 ohms 50 ohms 50 ohms
50 ohms
Insulation Resistance 5,000 megohms min. 5,000 megohms min.
5,000 megohms min.
5,000 megohms min.
Insertion Loss 0.12 db max 0.10 db - -
Durability EIA-364-9, 100 cycles min. 100 cycles min. 1,000 cycles 5,000 cycles
Hermetic Seal Glass Bead Glass Bead - -
Standards / Features MIL-STD-34BA DSCC Approved

Space Saving


Temperature Range -55 to +125°C -65 to +165°C -65 to +125°C -65 to +125°C
Voltage Rating 150 volts AC 335 Vrms max. at sea level 675 volts RMS 1,000 volts RMS

Standards and approvals


Military Standards and Design Approvals
MIL-STD-348A DSCC Approved VITA 67.1 VITA 67.2 MIL-PRF-39012
MIL-STD-202 VITA 67.0 MIL-STD348 MIL-G-45204 MIL-P-25732
MICRODOT Standard Coaxial Connectors are designed to accept 50, 70, and 93 Ohm miniature coaxial cables.
MICRODOT Coaxial Connectors,
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Select applications

Micro-miniature coax connectors
  • Rugged, densly packaged RF interconnect systems
  • Backplane/daughter card
  • Electronic countermeasure systems
  • Land and sear anti-ballistic signal processing
  • Avionics and ground based radar
  • Ground base stations and communication systems
  • Central computring, satelite on-board and ship-board computing
  • Low RF to high microwave frequencies