Heavy Duty connectors designed to transmit power, data and signal in the most harsh environments

Heavy Duty connectors designed for harsh environments

Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC) are rectangular industrial connectors designed to transmit power, data and signal in the toughest of conditions. In environments with vibrations, risk of dust, temperature challenges and mechanical impact, our HDC connectors provide a reliable solution with rock fall safe aluminum enclosures with protection degree from IP65 up to IP69k. Approved according to EN/IEC 61984 standard, our HDC connectors range from 10A to 650A, and are available with up to 216 contacts.


  • Monoblock, combined and modular inserts with up to 216 pins in standard HDC connector and up to 288 pins in high density HMN Dynamic connector (6 modules x 48 signal pins module)
  • Space saving thanks to HMN modular system – more than 30 standardized modules, enabling combining various technologies for power, signal and data transmission in a single connector (RJ45, D-Sub, USB, Quint, Fiber optic)
  • High density of signal contact in a single module: 48 pins, allowing for max. 288 positions in a complete connectors (6 modules)
  • Easy assembly thanks to one-piece HMN frame, with available options for blind mating in automated applications and applications with limited direct access and visibilty. Additional grounding option FMLB (first mate, last break)
  • Enhanced assembly time, quality and cost thanks to the stamped and formed contacts for power and signal connections in HMN Dynamic modular system.
  • Rectangular enclosures available in 11 sizes, with IP65 – IP67 double or single locking levers system, optional IP68-IP69k screw locking and 3 types of surface protection: standard powder coating, anti-corrosion and EMC
  • Rail compliant inserts made of material meeting requirements R22 and R23 for hazard levels: HL1, HL2 and HL3, per EN45545-2.
  • Low halogen material inserts reducing impact of potential damages in equipment during fire
  • Lightweight and compact thermoplastic IP65 H3A, H8A and HQ connectors for power, signal and power/signal mixed connections, easy to use and safe with a single locking lever closure
  1. Heavy Duty Connector Dynamic Solution (English)

Applications are getting smaller but connectors are being asked to do more. Connectors need to reach a higher power and provide flexibility in modular, hybrid solutions. Learn more about how TE Connectivity’s Heavy Duty Connectors get the job done for your application needs in this video.

We offer a vast portfolio of heavy duty rectangular power connectors as well as signal connectors to suit many application needs. In the indoor applications, try the lightweight and safe thermoplastic enclosures, saving space and installation effort. High performance inserts provide standard and high density contact configurations, with electrical performance ranging from 2.2A @ 32V up to 650A at 12kV. Reliable lose-piece screw machined contacts and cost efficient stamped & formed contacts on the reel are available for crimp, screw and cage clamp termination and offered in gold, silver, tin and palladium plated options. Space saving hybrid connectors make power, signal and data transmission possible in a single connection, and HMN modular system will make interface customization as easy as the use of building blocks can be.

  1. Heavy Duty Connectors overview (English)

With the broad portfolio of Heavy Duty Connectors, TE Connectivity offers a reliable solution for industrial applications in the harshest environments, from rail to the factory. The modular concept of these connectors provides a flexible and quick adaption to the requirements of your application.


  • Machinery
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Rail
  • Energy Distribution
  • Renewable Energy
  • Construction Machinery
  • Professional Light and Sound

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Heavy Duty connector (HDC)?
An HDC connector is a rectangular, robust industrial connector designed to transmit power, data and signal in the harsh environment applications.

What are the appropriate applications for HDC connectors?
Typical applications include robotics, automation, machinery, rail and power applications.


What products does the HDC portfolio consist of?

The HDC portfolio consists of:

  • Hoods, housings and bases: available in different protection degrees IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP69k
  • Contact systems: ranging from 5A to 650A in screw, crimp and cage clamp termination
  • Inserts: available in up to 216 pins in one connector for crimp, screw termination or cage clamp


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Heavy Duty connectors
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