60 Years of Heavy Duty Connectors

60 Years of Heavy Duty Connectors

Celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2016, TE's Heavy Duty Connectors are the reliable solution for use in harsh environments covering protection degrees up to IP 69k, current rating 10 A to 200 A and up to 216 contacts. Download the catalog now to find what you are looking for.


  • Designed for reliably performing under the most demanding operating and harsh environmental conditions
  • Rectangular, multiple position pin and socket connectors. Each connector is designated by four components: base, hood, and male & female modular inserts.
  • Most popular housing shell sizes: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8
  • Modular systems offer power and signal transmission in one connector
  • Blind mating thermoplastic connector system accepting standard HMN-modules for data, signal and power
  • Pin and socket insert with fixing frame (housing), top or bottom of which can be assembled
  • Choice of loading pin and socket inserts in a fixing frame

Heavy Duty Connectors for harsh environments. Beside the well-known standard connectors (6 - 24 pins), the product range also offers product series featuring a high number of pins (up to 216) and high current connectors of up to 200 A. The housings are made from aluminum die-cast or thermoplastic with a degree of protection IP 65 - 69k. EMI-shielded and corrosion-protected variants are completing the product range. With TE's ne HDC Docking Frame customer can benefit from a time-saving and cost-efficient solution to reliably connect in drawers via blind mating. Blind mating allows the connectors to guide themselves into the correct mating positions in environments where direct visibility or access is limited. With guide pins that replace a locking system, the Heavy Duty Connectors provide ease of handling.


  • Machinery
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Rail
  • Energy Distribution
  • Renewable Energy
  • Construction Machinery
  • Professional Light and Sound
  1. Heavy Duty Connectors overview (English)

With the broad portfolio of Heavy Duty Connectors, TE Connectivity offers a reliable solution for industrial applications in the harshest environments, from rail to the factory. The modular concept of these connectors provides a flexible and quick adaption to the requirements of your application.


Protection degree


Salt-spray corrosion resistance [in hours]

200 A

in modular connector configuration

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New Innovation awards

60 Years of Innovation

1956 - 2016
  • 1956 - Developed by Herbert Schmitz in Troisdorf, Germany
  • 1965 - Production of heavy duty connectors for automotive
  • 1972 - Sales expand throughout Europe
  • 1983 - Worldwide expansion through sales distribution network
  • 1991 - First Railway systems connector developed
  • 1996 - TE receives license from VDE for in-house testing
  • 2001 - Development of solutions for renewable energy (wind, solar)
  • 2002 - Range of connectors expands up to 2000A
  • 2003 - Development of solutions for robotic and automotive applications
  • 2004 - Global production expands to include; Germany, Czech Republic, India and China
  • 2005 - New Connector system; HVS, High Variable System
  • 2008 - Expansion of production capacity in Trutnov
  • 2009 - Wind Power product receives New Innovation award
  • 2014 - Established HDC Competence Center in Shanghai
  • 2016 - HDC celebrating 60 years