Broad Range, Right Fit

Our FORGE drawer connectors are modular power interconnects for direct current (DC) power, alternating current (AC) power, and signal. These offer 1x5 and 2x2 through 2x5 configurations, and each position can accommodate a different contact. Enabled by our modular tooling, our FORGE drawer product customization gives you the exact configurations you need for each application. These compatible power connectors are available for a range of applications, including data center, industrial, energy, and medical.

Product Features

Specifications of FORGE Drawer Power Connectors
  • Custom Configuration: Expandable and modular mold
  • Touch-Safe: Fully shrouded power contacts
  • Higher Connectivity and Lower Mating Forces: Uses the new POWER ARCH contact design
  • Flexible Design: Each configuration can use up to 10 modules in a 2x1 to a 2x5 layout.
  • Easy Handling: With existing hand tools, you can easily terminate the contact and remove it from the housing
  • Variety: Offered in three mating sequence levels for power and signal contacts


Connector's greater modularity supports evolving design trends


Cost efficient design saves time and dollars


Existing tooling and contacts makes the connector easy to use

Select Applications:

FORGE Drawer Power Connectors
  • Switch Gear
  • Power Conversion
  • High-End Servers
  • Switches and Routers
  • Wireless
  • Test Equipment