Power Connectors

From power bussing to power with signal

Our wide variety of power connector types, specialty cabling and bussing, and superior design capabilities are the right match for your unique application.

Product Features

  • Board-to-Busbar, Wire-to-Busbar, Board-to-Busbar
  • Silver plated Copper alloy
  • Mate with .125” or .062” thick plated bus bar providing a separable connection that eases assembly, inspection, and troubleshooting
  • Ideal for computer, industrial control, modular power supply or other applications that demand low millivolt drop and reliable separation. Commonly used in rack-mounted equipment with bus bar architecture.
  • Blind mateable (misalignment up to + .060” [1.52mm] for both series)

Things to Consider:

Choosing Power Connectors
  • Does the application require a board-to-board, wire-to-board, wire-to-wire, bus bar, card edge or a combination of these types of connectors?
  • Does the connector require power only, or a combination of power and signal? How much current is required in the application? Keep in mind that power connector performance is typically measured in amperes (or amps). The voltage is also very important as it defines the spacing between the contacts.
  • Will the application be mated while under electrical load? If so, a hot-pluggable connector is required. Many of the products in this guide have been approved for use in hot-plug applications.