Bus Bar Power Connectors

Reliable busbars for power applications

Our busbar connectors provide means of distributing power within a system. Our broad portfolio of busbars includes compact sockets for space efficiency, hot pluggability to ease installation, and a wide range of current ratings for multiple applications.

NEW 125A Dual CROWN CLIP Junior Connector

Our new 125A Dual CROWN CLIP Junior power connector for 5mm busbar adds to the wide range of existing current rated connectors and can provide a means for distributing power within a system. This solution was designed to reduce server complexity and provides a separable connection that ease assembly, inspection, and troubleshooting.

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Busbar Power Family
  • AMP Power Tap Connectors
  • AMPOWER Wave Crimp System
  • CROWN CLIP Connectors
  • CROWN EDGE Connectors
  • CROWN LINE Power Connectors
  • FLATPAQ Connectors
  • ICCON Single-Pole Connectors
  • Pluggable Busbar Connectors
  • RAPID LOCK Quick Connect / Disconnect Connectors

AMPOWER Wave Crimp System

Family of Interconnections

The AMPOWER Wave Crimp System is a family of interconnections featuring a unique flat copper cable termination which makes it suitable for power distribution. The wide variety of AMPOWER interfaces available from TE for flat cable make it a versatile, innovative, and cost effective solution for power distribution. AMPOWER flat cable assemblies provide a unique and effective means of distributing power from source to load in today’s high speed, high density systems.

AMPOWER Wave Crimp Connectors
AMPOWER Wave Crimp Connectors

Product Features:

AMPOWER Wave Crimp System
  • Separable interfaces have positive locking, polarization, and contact shrouding
  • Right-angle and vertical headers on 2.54 [.100] centers accommodate standard 1.02 [.040] PCB hole diameter
  • Four-cable, self-aligning connector can pick up 2.03 [.080] misalignment off a common axis and measures 80 amps per cable (at 30ºC temperature rise) depending upon the application
  • Unique tap permits branching of trunk lines to serve multiple distribution points
  • Assemblies are measured at 70-110 amps (with 30ºC temperature rise) depending upon mounting interface
  • Recognized under the Component Program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., File No. E28476, No. E13288, and No. E53799
  • Certified by Canadian Standards Association, File No. LR7189A-149
  • First flat cable tap that allows branching from primary trunk lines, side tapping, and discrete wire tapping
  • Blind mate drawer connectors feature sequential mating and signal contacts

CROWN CLIP JR. Connectors

Controlled & Reliable

The CROWN CLIP JUNIOR connector provides a space efficient connector in solder or screw mount configurations ideal for power supply/distribution applications. It is hot plug capable for controlled and reliable separation of high power. The connector mates to a 3.0mm thick plated busbar that provides a separable interface to ease assembly, inspection and trouble shooting.

CROWN CLIP Jr. Connectors
CROWN CLIP Jr. Connectors

Product Features:

CROWN CLIP JR. Connectors
  • Current: 150 A
  • Mating Force: 40 N max
  • Mating Busbar thickness: 3.0 ±0.1 mm
  • Busbar Misalignment: ±0.75 mm max
  • Hot Pluggable: Yes
  • Contact Resistance: 0.2 milliohms max
RAPID LOCK Connectors
RAPID LOCK connectors