CDFP Connector and Cable Assembly

400 Gbps Pluggable I/O

With 16 channels of up to 28 Gbps data rates for 400 Gbps total bandwidth, CDFP connectors, cage and cable assemblies can easily handle the market’s increasing data usage. The simple one-piece, press-fit pluggable I/O assembly provides the flexibility and standardization to address your design needs and is perfect for high speed networking and high performance computing applications. We also offer copper CDFP cable assemblies that can be customized.

  1. CDFP Connector & Cage Assembly: 400 Gbps Pluggable I/O (English)

To help meet today’s growing demand for pluggable I/O solutions ’s to deliver greater bandwidth and space efficiency, TE Connectivity introduces the CDFP connector & cage assembly, a 400 Gigabit per second Pluggable I/O for high speed applications such as data centers, high performance computing, as well as storage and networking equipment.

Key Benefits and Features:

Fast, Efficient, Simple, and Flexible
  • Transfers data at speeds up to 28 Gbps per lane, supporting current and next generation Ethernet and PCIe networking protocols
  • 16 lanes of bi-directional data communication in one port and one cable assembly
  • Pre-assembled, one-piece press-fit connector and cage design offers one-step placement on the board
  • Double cable exit allows for increased assembly routing flexibility
  • Choose the thermal management and interface options best suited for your application
  • Custom copper cable assemblies available
One of the Highest Port and Bandwidth Densities
  • With 11 CDFP ports, a 1U switch can deliver 4.4 Terabits per second of bandwidth or more.
  • 16 x 25 Gbps electrical interface = 400 Gbps per port
  • 0.75mm pitch, 120 contacts, dual row paddle card interface
Supporting Current and Next Generation Designs
  • Fully compliant with the multi-source agreement (MSA), which specifies a 400 Gbps module, connector and cage that integrate 16 TX/RX channels.
  • MSA specifies CDFP connectors and cage assembly which support active optical cables, optical transceivers and copper cables.
  • The low power (8-10W) and very low power (4-5W) form factors defined use a common interface.
  • CDFP modules for data center interconnects support five-meter direct attach cables, 100-meter multimode fiber, 500-meter parallel single-mode fiber, and two kilometers of duplex, single-mode fiber.
  • TE provides CDFP Style 2 30AWG cable with 7.9mm OD for up to 2.0M cable reach
Style 1
Style 1 supports direct attach copper and includes an EMI gasket.
Style 2
Style 2 supports direct attach copper and active optical modules and includes EMI springs.
Style 2 Cable Assembly
Style 2 Cable Assembly
CDFP Style 1 & 2 Cages on representative PCIe card
CDFP Style 1 & 2 Cages on representative PCIe card


for High-Speed CDFP
  • Routers
  • High Performance Computing
  • Storage
  • Controller Cads & Servers
  • NIC Cards & GPUs
Data Centers
Data Centers
Switches and Routers
Switches and Routers
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