Ultra-Low Profile. User-Friendly Design.

Our LCEDI connectors feature new technology for an interconnection between notebook LCD panels and main processor boards, using micro coax cables at 2.7Gbps (or discrete wire AWG 32 or smaller). The ultra-low profile mating configuration offers a user-friendly, friction lock mechanism at the shell when mated or a full lock mechanism with pull bar. These connectors are licensed by I-PEX CO., LTD. and are fully compatible and intermaetable with the I-PEX CABLINE-VS series, selected by the Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) as the global standard for LED backlight, 16 x 9 interface.

Product Features:

LCEDI Connectors
  • Ultra-low profile mating configuration
  • Compatible and intermateable with I-PEX CABLINE-VS connector series
  • Twin leaf contact structure
  • Mixed cable use: micro coax (twin coax AWG#40 or smaller) and discrete wire (AWG #32 or smaller)
  • User-friendly design that uses friction lock mechanism at shell when mated or an optional, full lock mechanism with pull bar


Gbps/lane with eDP architecture

VESA has specified that eDP, in conjunction with standard DisplayPort V1.1a specification, will support the PC market and offer a cost effective substitute to current LVDS technology. eDP drives 2.7Gbps/lane with a bandwidth of 10.8Gbps over four differential lanes. Each data lane embeds clock signal for superb signal integrity, producing much lower EMI at higher speed transmission.

Select Applications:

  • Slim LED backlight LCD panel
  • Notebook PCs and tablets
  • Render massive 3D imaging
Slim LCD panel
Notebook PCs and tablets