Miniaturized connectivity

Our Micro-MaTch wire-to-board and board-to-board ribbon cable connectors provide a proven reliable connection. Its unique contact-spring system help prevent fretting corrosion by absorbing movements between male and female contacts.


  • Tin plated contact design
  • One of the smallest systems available at 1.27 mm
  • UL-recognized: File No. E28476, Vol. 23, Section 4
  • Minimum contact force of 2.0N
  • Fretting corrosion proof thanks to additional positioning spring member
  • Fully plated contacts: no bare edges and no migration of corrosion products
  • Contacts fully protected by polyester housings, except for side-entry female board connector
  • Full range of application tooling from hand tool to fully automated equipment
  • Wire connectors supplied on-tape and suitable for (semi-) automatic mass termination of 28 AWG [0.08 mm2 to 0.09 mm2] ribbon cable


mm, one of the smallest systems available


Contact force



A contact concept that inspires. The Micro-MaTch contact concept is essentially different from other systems available. By its design, the traditional failure mode in tinplated connections, fretting corrosion, is prevented. The separation of the two basic functions of the contact system (contact force generation and wire termination), enables the optimization of both functions and leads to relatively simple contact shapes. 


  • Pumps
  • Drivers
  • Control units
  • Navigation systems
  • Base stations
  • Set top boxes
  • Audio equipment
  • Dashboard systems
  1. The Micro-Match Contact System (English)

The Micro-MaTch contact helps prevent fretting corrosion, the traditional failure mode in tin-plated connections. Relative movements caused by vibrations/thermal expansion can be prevented so that a gas tight connection can make the Micro-MaTch contact spring system fretting corrosion resistant. See how the unique contact system works.

Fretting Corrosion free

That is why a high contact force of 2N and tinplating is required. The unique spring contact can now work properly to avoid fretting corrosion.

Is your application less demanding?

If broad temperature range, mating cycles and vibration resistance are less relevant in your application, TE also offers the more economical developed Value-line. Find out more below.