Drive Performance with SCSI Connectors

This connector is a multi-lane interconnect designed for reliable high-speed data transmission. Compliant with SAS standards, our SAS and Mini-SAS connectors offer a compact solution for high-performance computing of speeds up to 24 Gbps. It is available with either internal or external receptacles; it is manufactured copper cable assemblies and features reduced-size interconnects that save 30-50% PCB space. A low profile PCIe card can accommodate four Mini-SAS HD connectors versus two SAS connectors. These are also known as serial attached SCSI connectors.

Our SAS and Mini-SAS connector portfolio offers flexibility to choose the right class of storage devices to meet your application requirements. Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) connectors are the mainstream enterprise storage application interconnects. These Small Form Factor (SFF) standard connectors are designed to support differential signaling and drive performance.


Our SAS connectors are rated from 6 to 24 Gbps with the introduction of SAS/PCIe Gen 4 (U.2/U.3) connectors. These support improved data transfer performance in end devices and support SATA, SAS, and NVMe drives. No need for board design changes when you use drives with different protocols; same interface can be used for cost-effective storage HDDs as well as higher performance server SSDs. Easy implementation of high speed SSDs, HDDs and PCIe products; supports different PCB layouts based on your current board design layout which can offer system design flexibility and cost savings. No effort is needed on board design change when upgrading from Gen 3 to Gen 4. Self alignment feature can provide blind mating support to help prevent misalignment


Our internal Mini-SAS high-density (HD) connector and cable assemblies provide a high-speed interface capable of transferring data at 192 Gbps (12 Gbps x 16 lanes). Our internal Mini-SAS HD connector and cable assemblies are compatible with a variety of architectures. As an active member of the SCSI Trade Association, TE offers a wide range of serial attached SCSI (SAS) and Mini-SAS connectors for enterprise storage, servers, and desktop PC applications.

Product Features

SAS Connectors
  • Point-to-point link with hot-plugging capability
  • Supports dual porting capability, faster spindle speeds
  • Transfer rate of up to 24 Gbps
  • Available in different footprints including SMT, straddle mount and hybrid designs.
  • Comply to the SFF-8482, SFF-8680, SFF-8639, SFF-8630 and SFF-8432 specifications
  • Support PCIe Gen 4 (16 GT/s) and SAS 4.0 (24 Gbps)
  • Tri-mode storage support, supports multiple footprints, can provide angled lead-ins
  • Backward compatible to 12G, 6G and 3G SAS and SATA connectors

Featured Product

SAS/PCIe (U.2/U.3) Gen 4 Connectors

For SFF-8639 specification, our 68-pin SMT connectors can enable implementation of high speed Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and hard disk drive (HDD) interfaces as well as Peripheral Component Express (PCIe)-based devices.

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